June 24, 2008

Utilizing ब्यूटी of roses

... that is immediately bringing another question to mind 'does everything has to be utilized?' The beauty of roses is unquestionable, but considering growing population of human kind, shrinking natural resources, will 'only beauty' be allowed in the future?

Pink shoes from previous post made me remember pink roses and unique chance to make my own decadent luxurious rose confiture. Woman make something unusual! It was unusual for me :)

Petals need to be collected from the site that is very clean, not sprayed chemically etc. If you use chemicals in your garden, you can not pick petals of your own roses. Maybe that would be a reason to look for different ways to help plant fight with pests. I found mine in the neighbourhood, in the forest.
The view, the touch and the scent of collected petals are - believe me - very sensual. Even for that experience, every minute of the time spend on collecting it, is worth more than we could imagine..... and it doesn't cost much.... my feminine need for pleasure and luxurious moments was fully pleased in that magic moment of having the scent while sinking my hands in rose petals... Entire kitchen was filled with rose scent...

It might be difficult to collect at one time enough of them, but you may store it for some time in the fridge and wait until more can be picked.

Which roses to use? All fragrant pink and red. They all are suitable. Connoisseurs are cutting off the white bottoms of the petals, claiming its bitterness. I did't and I do not feel any bitterness.

The recipe that I have used: collect petals, put them in the bowl and cover with cold water for some time to clean it from dust and all other living creatures, that have admired its beauty while we came and have disturbed :)

Then dry them, or remove the water as much as you can and place it in the pot. Add sugar, lemon juice and fry for 30-40 minutes. Voila!

Proportions: measure the amount of petals by cups - they should be pretty packed with them.

1 cup of sugar

3 cups of petals

1 big spoon of lemon juice




Lisa at Greenbow said...

Now this sounds yummy.

Viooltje said...

Intriguing recipe. Even only the 'scent' part does it for me. Never mind the confiture.

Btw, there's an award waiting for you at my place. Just thought you might like to know this particular piece of info LOL ;-)

CIELO said...

Why haven't I discovered this beautiful blog before???? I'm so glad you found me so that I can be here! What a lovely garden, house, blog.... I really enjoyed my visit here and will certainly come back again.


CIELO said...

I'm adding you to my blog list right now! Love your blog, and I see we share the same interest in gardening, shoes, and pretty things... :)


Ewa said...

I haven't seen you around :) I found you vis Violet and the pize she gave me :)
I will be very happy to see my blog on your list.

Barbara said...

Hi Ewa, this recipe sounds easy to make. If I understand you don't mix it after having cooked? I made jelly as you perhaps noticed in my post. And I also used white and yellow roses. The pink and red colour didn't get lost! I'll certainly try it "your" way too.

Ewa said...

I do stir it while frying/boiling - if this is what you mean. Recipe is easy, confiture delicious and I guess marvellous also as stuffing for doughnuts :)
Bye bye