July 27, 2008

White storcks - live stream transmission from the nest!

I just discovered a great project of watching the White storcks nest, which is located in Poland in Przygodzice (click on the name to see the location on Google Maps)

Transmission is really live and refreshed every 2-3 seconds - interesting to see. Don't miss it.
Storcks are leaving Poland at the end of August and fly to Africa, where they spend the winter and again turn back to Poland in the spring.

More information on th eproject in English is available here.

Here is the link to live transmission: White Storck Nest Watch.


Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Storks have all this legends attached, faszinating and beautiful birds. I went a bit further to explore your posts. The pink fairy rose has its appropriate name.)Lovely,soft blue starflowers ar twining themselves around a small conifer, very beautiful. A great garden, with a wide variety of plants. The tiny snail has found a convenient resting place, food and a soft cushion! Great shots of a storm.
I have read "Poland" by J.A. Mitchener. I think you live in a unique, beautiful, cultural country.

Gail said...


helloo...thank you for the link...after I finish my comment I am going to follow it to the storks!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Here in the States they have these cameras set up in Peregrine Falcon nests. It is facinating to watch.