September 13, 2008

Villas in Southern France

Why Southern France is so magnetic? This must be its unique combination of simple earthiness and pure sophistication of traditional gardens of Provece.

Many of the estates are build on the remaining estates, vineyards and orchards created and cultivated by ancient Romans, who were the first gardeners in Provence - long time, huh?

I am digging lately the subject of gardens in Provence, because of my plan to spend there the closest vacation. While searching for information and studying the subject I am often smashed by the beautiful pictures of amazing places. I feel I need to share it with you.

Apart from old traditional Provence gardens there is a second school of garden style, not so much modelled on old farmhouse style. More airy and light.

By surprise I found a greek ancient villa restored to every detail. Have a look and say you don't like it...






Pictures thanks to courtesy of Villa-Kerylos


Country French Antiques said...

What can you say other than WOW!
Would love to see your interpretation of a Provencial garden, I know it would be beautiful!
Have a great weekend!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yummy gardens. It is always fun to get away and if you get to tour beautiful gardens you will come back with all kinds of new ideas for your garden. Can't wait to see all of your pictures and hear your story.

chaiselongue said...

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them. I think the light in southern France is special and even more so maybe in Provence than here in the Languedoc, the reason why so many painters, Picasso, Matisse and so on have lived here - it's the clear air, the blue skies, the sunlight .... some of the reasons why I live here! Enjoy your researches, and your trip to Provence!

Katarina said...

These pictures are so beautiful I have no words... Imagine living in a place like that...what else could you possibly want?

Victoria Summerley said...

If only I was a milliionaire. Or perhaps that ought to be multi-millionaire. What beautiful gardens

Anonymous said...

Cara Ewa,

Villa Kérylos - sth I have missed on the Fr. riviera. Thank you for spotting. Look forward to your pictures after your visit. Have a nice trip. I am sure you will make the most of it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ewa, you are a good student to study up before you go on a trip, especially to find the best gardens to visit. What you have shown us is truly beautiful. Hope you take lots of photos to share with us!

Frances at Fairegarden

Anonymous said...

Oh, Ewa--This makes me long for a good visit back to Europe. I spent six weeks in Aix-en-Provence once. I was always struck by how organic the local homes looked, as if they someone had planted the stones and they took root and became the houses. Lovely, airy, light, beautiful. Steep yourself in the beauty, my dear, and then show us what you loved best. Good journey!
Kathryn xoxo

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine a lovelier holiday! Enjoy! And lots of pics, please.

Gail said...

hello Ewa,

Oh you shall have a wonderful time! Provence is my favorite vacation spot and to see it through your eyes will be a treat for us!

Anonymous said...

Those columns are magnificent. I've never seen anything like them. All so beautiful!

krystyna said...

Thank you Ewa for this beautiful trip!

CIELO said...

This is a dream! Where did you find this place??? I'd love to see more...


Barbara said...

I'm very curious to see your pictures of Southern France. By the way, I am not quite sure whether I'd like to live in such a dining room as shown on your last picture ;-). But I am sure you'll stay at nice and cosy places and see beautiful gardens too. Enjoy your holiday!
A bientôt!

Aki said...

I can't see such garden and room in Japan.