December 7, 2008

Woman, 80, faces prosecution for feeding birds in her garden

Bird feeding season is coming closer, so in case you haven't heard the story yet, I would like to share it with you. The story happend in UK.

Mrs Coton - has been feeding the birds in her garden for 20 years. Can you believe, that she was warned:
"that she could face legal action from her local council if she does not
desist from feeding the "feral" birds.
Officials said that a neighbour had complained that her "overfeeding" had led to large groups of birds congregating on the street creating "environmental" problems and
damaging property.
Coventry City Council said it was considering serving an abatement notice - similar to orders given to neighbours who play loud music late at night - to curtail her bird feeding. If she fails to comply she could be prosecuted..."
Read rest of the story here...

These are the pictures of bathing bluetits, on early July morning... hope you enjoy.


Claude said...

People are about the silliest creatures on the planet...

Tira said...

Oh dear, it seems like crazy neighbours exist just about everywhere. Sometimes I wished I lived in a community but when I read stuff like this I feel grateful that I have no neighbours!

Millie said...

This is truly political correctness gone mad! Those silly Public Servants need to be reminded that's exactly what their job is - to serve the interests of the public & they are certainly not doing that!!
Millie ^_^

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is a good thing I don't live in her neighborhood. I would be prosecuted too. Cute pictures of the Blue tits bathing.

CIELO said...

are these cuties from your garden? What a lovely birdbath... ;) I'm having a party on Dec. 14 and would love to see you there... come see! ;)


Naturegirl said...

Ridiculous!! The laws in some countries!! Totally ridiculous!!
I feed my birds all year's a free country so I have my rights!
Your little wonmders are so sweet. :)

Gail said...

Odd! Isn't it amazing what gets people all tangled up...some bird droppings landed on a pice of lawn furniture or a car! I did enjoy the bathing birdies! gail