February 14, 2009

Many, many orchid flowers at biggest orchid event - Taiwan International Orchid Show

As a thank you post at Valentine's Day I would like to share these beauties with you.

If you look for more information about how much light needs your orchid, how to fertilise and repot your orchid, you can find it in my previous posts.

If you are looking for practical guide which covers all you need to know about orchid care Click Here!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Beautiful orchids Ewa. Happy Valentines Day.

vicki archer said...

Have a happy day Ewa and what magnificent blooms, xv.

garden girl said...

beautiful orchids Ewa. I have one yellow Phalaenopsis orchid my oldest daughter gave me as a gift about five years ago. I love it, and it's so much easier to care for than I had previously realized.

I repotted mine only about a month ago to get rid of all the dead roots. Since I did that it has new growth. I hope it will still bloom this year, we'll see. The first two years I never fertilized it, and it didn't bloom. Now that I fertilize it, I get to enjoy months of blooms starting sometime in March. I hope I see them again this year!