March 29, 2009

Twitter - Garden Design, Garden Landscaping and Gardening Groups You Can Join

If you have not joined Twitter yet - the digital best party on Earth, now is time to do it. I've read that even kids in some schools will study the subject. We can not get behind!
There is a lot advantages of Twitter, but the main one is that you can connect in real time with other garden bloggers. Imagine it as big digital party where you meet different people and talk about newest film, car etc. This is the place to learn with speed of light all newest info about whatever subject interests you: curing your credits, film schools, best acting schools in your area, cooking recipes etc. After you have a group of people that represent your different interests you may ask questions starting from insurance advice via organic gardening, and finally at how to consolidate school loans etc.

Sometimes, when I open Twitter in the morning, the party is going on despite of hour. So, I log in and what I see? One of my favourite garden blogger in California just before going to sleep, somebody in Singapore just after work and somebody in Australia.
The whole world is present in your real time and you can feel it!

After you sign up, there are also Twitter Groups you may join:

Don't forget to add the link to your blog in the Bio section.

See you there!


vicki archer said...

Sounds like a good idea Ewa and there is something to be said for 'real time' conversations, xv.

Anna said...

I am still getting my head round Facebook. Did not realise that there were Twitter groups :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great concept, visiting with gardeners from all over the planet. Still, I hesitate for fear of increasing my already near toxic addiction to the Internet. LOL. I checked your post on the Monet garden and your mother's iris. I like how you've incorporated them into the mixed border. Very nice.

stadtgarten said...

Twitter sounds very interesting, but I haven't done it yet, because I fear that I will then spend even more time with my computer. But I am not sure if I really can resist... :)

Victoria Cummings said...

Okay. I leaped into Twitterland. Now what do I do?

teresa g. said...

Great, thaks! I am a silent follower of many twitter sites (no time for party, at all :( ), but I still didn't know about the groups, nor your twitter!