May 18, 2009

Calendar girls - the naked Yorkshire matrons story continues....

Remember the blockbuster movie "Calendar Girls" with Hellen Mirren?
If you are female and are over 40, and you haven't see it yet - make yourself a treat, get it as DVD and see it.

It is a wonderful balm for the suffering female soul - lots of great humour and story that will make you feel better in your skin :)

Lately the Daily Mail is bringing continuation of a story
about how fame is changing life, even if it comes late and unexpected :)

Have fun watching the movie and reading the article.

Looking Good Live!: Look Like a Million...for Considerably Less


Rose said...

I loved this movie! Too bad they succumbed to the usual problems that seem to come with fame.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen the movie but I might be going through a mid-life crisis (Gravity.) so I should see it.

Anna said...

An excellent film - a new calender is in the making ten years on after the original :)

Gail said...

Ewa, It's too bad they couldn't maintain their friendships! A ten year reunion of all of them would have been fun! gail