September 11, 2009

Cobrahead - garden weeder won in blog competition, arrived

If I continue saying that I never won anything in competition, it will continue like this. So I don't say it anymore.
Instead I will tell you today that recently I participate in a blog competition organised by Carol at May Dreams Garden. There was supposed to be a drawing among all comments - as usually during such kind of competition. Prize: cobrahead garden weeder.

This time the result was different. Everyone got the prize.
I live in Europe, Poland, so I was thinking that because competition was in US, I will receive apologies. But NO! I received information, that I shall expect my personal hand weeder soon.

And it has arrived few days ago - thank you!
It looks so nice that I prefer to look at it, than to make it dirty. Kiddin. Or maybe rather not so much.

Thank you very much again.


Darla said...

Wasn't it so nice that everyone received one? I have mine hanging on the front porch for now!!

Rose said...

Definitely get it dirty, Ewa--you will love it! I bought one last spring, and it has proven to be a great help in weeding, especially those weeds with long roots. By the way, thank you for showing your pruning on the "Limelight" in your last post. This was perfect timing--I want to prune my own this winter, but am a little intimidated. It's good to see how well yours has responded to the pruning.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Good that everyone received one.. congratulations Ewa. Cheers ~bangchik

stadtgarten said...

Have a nice weekend, Monika