November 15, 2009

November flowers - GBBD'09

Sweet brugmansia flowers went to compost heap together with all the leaves and some stems - completely naked, still in the pot, she will be stored without water until February.

November flowers need to be in orange color, which is so desired now. Vibrant and spririt uplifling. When days are getting shorter and shorter... Here at 4.30 p.m. is already pitch black outside - was it like this previous years? My husband says no - but how is that possible? What could have changed?

Do you remember my poinsettia from previous year? I keep 2 of them growing. They got nice dormancy period, pruning and now slowly new leaves are naturally growing in red. It looks like she will be red for Christmas, without any additional effort.
Does it count among November flowers today?


GBBD is hosted by Carol at May Dreams Garden - so if you are interested, just hop over there to see blooms from all over the world.


Rose said...

I agree on the orange! This is the only time of year I like orange in my garden. Your poinsettia looks great! I've never been able to overwinter one, but that's probably because I forget about them. Seeing yours reminds me that I stuck one in the basement last winter:)

garden girl said...

It must have been difficult removing those brug blooms Ewa!

I agree - orange is the perfect fall bloom color. Happy Bloom Day!

Tira said...

I so do like when people keep their poinsettias after Christmas-to me its such a waste of resources to grow and then throw out a plant after a few weeks. Yours show great promise.

Darla said...

My poinsettia is planted in the garden for a year now and the bracts are turning!! YIPPEE~~~! That so counts as a bloom..

Enzie Shahmiri said...

I found your blog through a friend's blog. I hope you stop by and say hello as well

Enzie via Garden Delights

Ewa said...

Rose, Poinsettia likes to be forgotten after Christmas, because it needs dormancy period till end of Feb. Then they can grow again :)

Lynda, ow yes! first its heartbreaking, second its heavy :)
But it will grow again soon :)

Nicole, Poinsettias are so beautiful plants.. not only on Christmas, so I decided to overwinter them. I don't like to buy they only for throwing away 4 weeks later.
They almost have no roots in the first year when bought - this is why they are so vulnerable to lack of water.

Chris said...

Very nice!