April 23, 2010

Russian sage self-seeding

Russian sage volunteered and got rescued by me. How could I resist? It clearly says "I feel well here!". 2 years ago I moved the mother plant and new russian sage appeared 5 meters away. Are concrete bricks so comfy to grow? No. Maybe they give enough warmth and shelter to russian sage seeds? 
Even if seeds are comfy among bricks, the plant is not. I decided to rescue this wonderful and amazingly fragrant plant. Lift brick using weeder is not easy, but plant must be happy. The stem was completely flat! Poor thing - no space to grow. Now, temporarily it found good place in the pot. 

Russian sage - Perovskia atriplicifolia


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Ewa girl !
I am a fan of Russian Sage too and I let it place itself where it wants most of the time .. I also have the "mini-me" version "Little Spire" it is an excellent low level care plant that puts up with hot dry conditions : ) You have to love that right ? : )

Ewa said...

Hi Joy, I was thinking of you while watching my Omoshiro today :) Watch my blog tomorrow - current picture comes.

F Cameron said...

I made enough space in my garden this year to add three Russian sage. Great plant.


le gnome noir said...

Perowskia loves hard conditions, and generally prefers to find a place between stones and concrete than a large place in a deep and rich soil. It naturaly grows in afghan valleys, so it felts like home in the apparently saddest place of your garden!