May 18, 2010

Garden bloggers unite at three counties show in Malvern (UK) 2010

After 2.5 years of blogging it’s time for a change. My initial purpose why I started blogging lost some attraction as I moved forward.

May 2010 brought the change I asked for - I have met in reality people I know from blogosphere only and I have visited some wonderful English gardens. Last 2 weeks fantastic – I was in UK attending the garden bloggers meeting at Malvern Spring Gardening Show 2010.

When in January I learned from Yolanda that bloggers meeting is planned in Malvern (UK), there was no question in my mind whether I shall go or not. There was another question “what the hell is Malvern? Chelsea I know, but what is Malvern and why to meet there?”. Mystery was revealed after checking few links. I think that Malvern got great international promotion with hosting bloggers meeting. There is 8.000 visitors to my blog every month from Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and many other countries. I bet most of them never heard of Malvern before, they know now. This is only one blog.

I travelled from Komorow to Warsaw by train, then from Warsaw to Katowice by train, from Katowice to Birmingham in UK by plane, then Birmingham Malvern by train. Seems long right? Yes it is, but I was so happy that volcanic ash didn’t disturb the plan.

Malvern gardening show impressed me with the size and diversity – everyone who is interested in gardening will find something interesting. Using my special bloggers’ ticket (see 'blogger' on it?)…

… I have spend there one full day, walked around most of the time and I think I still haven’t seen everything.

America has their own garden bloggers meeting “Spring-Fling”, from 2010 we also have our garden bloggers meeting and we will continue every year. Right?

Thanks for great time, lots of chatting and lots of fun! This below picture is taken during party at Helen’s (Patient Gardener):

Back row from left to right: Lia - Midnight Brambling, Zoe - formerly Garden Hopping, Karen - Artists Garden, Gail - Clay & Limestone, Elizabeth - Welsh Hills Again, Easygardener - Greenforks, Michelle - Veg Plotting.
Middle row from left to right: Claire - Plantpassion, YolandaElizabet - Bliss, Helen - The Patient Gardener, Ewa (myself) - Ewa in the Garden, Michelle - RHS Student.
Front row from left to right: Frances - Fairegarden, Sally - Constant Gardener, Victoria - Victoria's Backyard.

Many thanks go to Three Men Went To Mow  for entertaining and warming us up, while weather was not so much inviting. BTW, I had no idea before, that chickens can be so entertaining subject... Simply hillarious…

Special thanks to Cleve for taking us a photo at the bloggers meeting place.

Thanks to Michelle and Helen for organizing everything and for picking us up from the beautiful train station at Malvern and finding such great place to stay like Lighthouse on the other side of Malvern Hills.

... where we had a lot of fun...

Front row from left to right: Michelle - Veg PlottingVictoria - Victoria's Backyard, Gail - Clay & Limestone.
Back row from left to right: YolandaElizabet - BlissFrances - Fairegarden and Ewa (myself) - Ewa in the Garden.

This meeting confirmed my feelings I had from the beginning. Garden bloggers are extraordinary friendly, funny and optimistic people – I am really happy and proud of being one of them. Thank you!

Garden Bloggers Unite!

I am going to publish more posts related to Malvern. More details about it at MalvernMeet blog.


Anonymous said...

Dear, dear Ewa, what a delight it was to meet you and share this extraordinary experience! You have told the story so well, so many trains to get there, you are a seasoned traveler. Being in the Sorority House, (Lighthouse) with you and the others was a high point. I love the slogan Garden Blogger Unite!, we are a force to be reckoned with. :-)
x x x (3)

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Hi Ewa, how are you?

Love this post, it brought back so many happy memories of Malvern. I am so glad I went and also that I'd asked you to come along. It was so nice to meet you and what fun we had!!!!!

Yolanda xoxo

Ewa said...

Frances - we had so much fun, right? I mus say that I was very impressed with the gardens, but today I see how more important were people that I met - gardens seem to be just the beautiful background.
Yes, we kiss three times :)

Gail said...

Dear Ewa, Beautifully said and photographed. I couldn't agree more~bloggers are, friendly, funny, and optimistic people...I loved sitting around the table visiting. I am so glad to know you and miss the heck out of the Sorority. xxxo, gail
Wasn't the Lighthouse fantastic!

Ewa said...

Yolanda, thanks so much for letting me know :) I regret that it was only 3 days - it could be so much longer and - who knows - maybe even more funny :) maybe we could get more bisquit sponsors ;)
How are you?

Ewa said...

Gail, Lighthouse was truly beautiful - very interesting contrast with the main Old Farm House and the landscape.
We had so much fun!!
It was so nice to meet you!

Carole said...

OH, thanks for the info, I had never heard of it, but it's totally my kind of event !!! I'm going to check the link RIGHT NOW ! And it's a most welcome break from all my papers to correct !!!

Jim/ArtofGardening said...

Sounds like a blast - but you need more testosterone there!

That Gail & Frances really get around!

Remember, you're all invited to Buffalo this July!

Ewa said...

Jim, it was mind-blowing! and little testosterone :) Buffalo you say? hmmmm.....

Ewa said...

Carole - I think you would love it!

VP said...

Dear Ewa - so you're managing to get all your 100s of photos sorted at last :)

We had the most wonderful of times in that house and I still miss you so much!

Like you did with my post about Chelsea yesterday, I can hear you talking when I read this post :)

Wanna-be Garden Girl said...

Ewa, I don't know you, but I read your blog--and I love the pics! I am an aspiring garden princess. I want to landscape and make gardens pretty. :) You seem like you really know the details about gardens. I have a garden that I am just starting out--it is my first one! Any tips that I need to know? What types of plants grow better than others? Thanks Ewa!