June 4, 2010

Vegetable Garden Plan 2010 - revised

Vegetable garden plan compared with the initial version is evolving with the time, new vegetable beds being constructed and unexpected problems with lettuce container and excessive water. My old wooden composting bin got old and I had to replace it with a new one. Also wooden and as a new, very practical feature, it has bottom opening for easy access to ready compost. 

After placing it together it became clear, that it will not fit the place planned for it. Frankly speaking composting bin fits the place, but my modest persona can't :)  if I want to do something there.

Gardener needs comfortable access to compost bin, so I had to reduce the number of raised beds from 5 to 4. Some veggies will have to wait for next spring probably. On the left side of the plan I added patch of Polka raspberries - this is variety bearing fruits on this year's growth. It grows together with calendula as companion plant that is beneficial for raspberries.

I found also there a stripe of soil, where 10 potatoe plants will fit! If you see how many plants can be grown in a small place if planned properly - as I've seen recently - imagination fed with images and pushed by higher expectation is producing better ideas :)    

Recommended further reading The Vegetable Gardener's Bible


TrädgårdsPrinsessan - Annika said...


Just found your blog - really nice :-) I have a growing interest in garden design and am thinking about switching career so it was nice to read your text about that!

Best Resgards
Annika (Sweden)

Ewa said...

Hello Annika :) I am really glad you liked to read about changing career. I'd like to know what you will decide...

Gail said...

Ewa, having compost handy is so important~I moved mine to an easy to get to spot and I use it three or four times a day~Love that last sentence imagination+images+higher expectation=better ideas! xxgail

Rose Silver said...

I never have thought of garden planning before I have my first plants for my garden and it wa devastating. A lot plants died. My friend advised me to plan where to and how to put the plants on its proper places. I did and it was a success. From then on, I consider a lot of things before I put a plant on my garden. Specially where the sun rises.