October 17, 2010

Plant Whatever Brings You Joy – garden book worth to read?

If you have a look at this little garden book, it doesn’t seem to be big, just 228 pages. But if you decide to read it, your impression is changing – the book grows much, much bigger. “Blessed wisdom from the garden” becomes heartwarming book of treasure.

Romantic cover design fits perfectly the nature of the 52 short stories embracing the garden and life, written in unique style and wit. When I read a book or Kathryn’s blog I am always astonished with her easy, natural and skillful writing style. I bet, that use of words will also surprise you!

When I read it, I wanted to enjoy every page, every story as long as possible. While reading, I had a feeling that a close friend is sharing life wisdom and whispering life affirmations to my ear. This garden book is not only filled with entertaining backyard stories, it brings also intense spiritual beauty - these stories teach and nourish soul and spirit.

Plant Whatever Brings You Joy is not a gardening book, it’s the book about garden of life, filled with metaphor and stories from Kathryn’s backyard. This unique garden book makes you aware again of life wisdom available in small acts.
When I read the book I had that irresistible feeling of getting closer to the wisdom coming from universe, thanks to Kathryn…

Plant Whatever Brings You Joy - this is the garden book you need to read.

Grab your copy here Plant Whatever Brings You Joy: Blessed Wisdom from the Garden


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

This sounds like a wonderful book. I love the picture on the cover.


Kathryn/plantwhateverbringsyoujoy.com said...

Dearest Ewa, I am beginning the morning with a full heart that you have honored Plant Whatever Brings You Joy with such a beautiful review. Thank you so much!
Tip for Europeans: the Kindle edition of this bk. is available on Amazon.co.uk, and those wanting the actual book can go to www.estrellacatarina.com for full information. Biggest of hugs going across the pond, Ewa! Love and blessings, Kathryn xoxo

Unknown said...

You are absolutely right! What a treasure of a book. I love "Plant Whatever Brings You Joy" ! Even the title is enough to give us inspiration. Just think how our lives would look if each day we approached the world in such a manner as to plant a seed of joy with as many of our thoughts, words and deeds as possible?? The book is full of treasures and is a very enjoyable read and the writing is a genuine and authentic style, it does not push the reader but rather takes the readers hand on a journey. It takes a lifetime to live into it!

Antonia said...

Awwwwe! Lovely! How kind of you to review the book, and what an excellent recommendation! It is a Gorgeous book, inside and out! :-)

JGH said...

I'm trying to build up my gardening library, so I'll have to look for this - sounds like something I'd love. Thanks for the recommendation! Have you read "People with Dirty Hands"? That's one of my favorites.