July 9, 2011

Wild strawberries marry bamboo - edible landscape design idea

I am always looking for new edible landscape design ideas. Look at this one spotted in Sericourt Gardens - wild strawberries as ground covers and as understory of a bamboo patch.
No bamboo, but lots of other shrubs in my garden, so this Autumn I plan to divide my heavenly alpine strawberries and plant them in different spots in the garden.
This edible landscape design idea is great if your garden is not too big and you would like to get more won, fresh produce. Right?


Darla said...

You post some great ideas!

Cindy @ enclos*ure said...

This is really beautiful! What a good idea. Do you have more photos from Sericourt?

Ewa said...

Cindy, did you click the blue link Sericourt Gardens in the post? There is a post - over 20 pics from Sericourt. And in case you have seen it, yes, I have more pics of Sericourt.

Anonymous said...

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