September 11, 2011

Rose garden at Oxford Botanic Garden

While leaving Oxford Botanic Garden by surprise I’ve spotted hidden rose garden arranged with box beds. This type of space arrangement is very close to my heart now and I think I am the only one who has spotted that garden.

The only one from group of 40 people who traveled with me. This is the proof that you see what you want or desire or just are interested with.

If you are pregnant, you see literally ALL pregnant women around. If you dream about white car of certain brand, you see all white cars of that model and brand you wish to have. You become part of target group.

Now I am perfect target group for rose producers. I produce box by myself, so no need for that – little “baby boxes” are waiting for next season to make perfect borders in my garden.

If you are end of May of June in Oxford Botanic Garden, don’t miss this rose garden, on the right side before the entrance, hidden behind tall hedge. I hope you enjoy the photos.


catharine Howard said...

You only see a tap in the shop window when your pipes have burst so know what your mean. I have been to this garden and NOT noticed the roses. Touche.

Ewa said...

Catharine, you exactly touched the point. Thank you for visiting and leaving the comment.