September 11, 2011

House in the roses

If you see the wonderful example of house in the roses - like this one on the photos below - you think – why not? Maybe in my garden they can also grow in abundance? And no arbors and not the largest roses in the world...

But there is one problem. What to do when roses stop blooming? They don’t bloom all year round, right? Photos were taken end of May in UK, I wonder how this garden looks today. Possibly some roses are still blooming… but what about November-April?
For this reason I prefer solution roses with lavender, because lavender at least stays in color and nice shape in those dull winter and early spring months.

Aha, when we ear at the roses – little update on my rose gardening. Last week I took some cuttings from my Mary Rose old English rose. My current two Mary Rose shrubs have very undisciplined rootstock which is weakening the original plant.
I know that currently rose producers are producing roses on their own rootstock – there must be a reason. I want to see difference. I don’t hope for too much success in this season. If it doesn’t work now, repeating in May will make no harm, right? Let’s treat it as rose gardening exercise.

I wonder what do you exercise this season?


Barbara said...

Hi Ewa, thank you for visiting and leaving a comment :-) ! I see you also belong to the ones who make rose cuttings. A lot of my roses are "made" of cuttings and up to now I didn't experience any difference (after a few years) between the original and the "new" one. The rose cottage on your pictures is indeed a very nice one. So typical for Great Britain. I like the charm of these rose gardens. Besides I do not like gardenbeds with monoculture. My roses too have their companions, like lavender, geraniums etc.
Have a good week

Ewa said...

Dear Barbara, would you like to share maybe your experience about taking rose cuttings. I think we all would appreciate it.

Carolyn ♥ said...

Simply charming.