September 28, 2011

Scarf knotting * 25 ways in 5 minutes!

Scarf knotting is always problematic for me, so when I saw this video, I say big thank you thank you to the creators!
It's beautiful, funny and I could learn many new ways. Maybe you will learn too?
We need to look stylish and beautiful in the garden too, right?
Perfect short video for such beautiful day, which is the first day of the rest of your life... 


Carole said...

This is great !Thank you for sharing this, it's going to be useful : I go in the garden in the morning and it's really chilly before 8 o'clock, and it's not funny when you want to weed and your scarf keeps falling in the way !

Ewa said...

Carole, I am happy u like it. This video is so creative. I love it.
I hope next time scarf will be not disturbing in the gardening jobs...

Victoria Summerley said...

I love the Magic Trick - I usually wear that scarf knot but I never knew that's what it was called! It's good because it stops your scarf flapping about in the wind.
And I love the Celebrity - I'm going to try that one.
The London company Liberty have some clips on YouTube you might like, Ewa - here's one

Ivy Clad said...

This is terrific; thank you! I was fussing with my scarf just yesterday, trying to figure out which way to knot it.