April 12, 2013

12 ideas for garden arch trellis - hand picked

Garden arch trellis brings height to your garden.
It might be practical if you decide to invite climbing plants to your garden – whether vegetables or decorative ones.
It might be purely decorative if you want any kind of garden arch trellis. Either way, I hope those hand-picked photos can give you inspiration on what kind of vertical structure you can introduce to your garden for more interest.

Have you found inspiration here? Let me know… Any examples of your own?

More ideas you can find here: pea trellises and bean poles

Photo courtesy of Lara
Photo courtesy of kasumiheyes

Photo courtesy of Aspis

Photo courtesy of Sakura

Photo courtesy of KMTucker

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Photo courtesy of Damek


stadtgarten said...

Very interesting ideas! I saw some who would be very nice in my garden.
Have a nice easter weekend, Monika

Nelson said...

Indeed, the perennial vines that are on a trellis are easier to access to prune, pick blossoms and spray with fertilizers and bug killers and to perform other routine maintenance.

Denver patios said...

When it comes in picking the best Garden arch trellis, choose a garden trellis with built in seats, lattice side walls, sculptured metalwork or wired lighting. Planters add extra space for annuals on the sides of the trellis. Side gate panels increase the size and elegant appearance of the garden archway. Attach a door to the back of the arch for a large garden display. And these are also inspirational Garden arch trellis that you can apply in your own garden.

Sam Peri said...

I love all the photos in this post! I am inspired to build an arch trellis in my garden. I would like use cedar or metal cypress and add thin wire or vinyl lattice for the vines to grow into. I will plant heavy vines such as Bittersweet or Rambling Rose vines so it requires well constructed arched trellis. I hope it will be a success! :-D