August 6, 2013

How to grow tomatos - economics

“Most people believe that the average home gardener can easily save a few dollars on the home budget by growing and canning at home, and, once  upon a time, the average housewife was quite capable of stretching the food budget this way.  It's still possible, but it requires a little thinking through…” – I can't agree  more on this subject with the author in the series of posts about “The economics of tomatoes”.

Posts are written by Claude, one of the readers of “Ewa in the Garden” and when I saw them, I thought it might be valuable piece to read to YOU as well.    

You may be growing tomatos for fun, for eating delicious, rare tomatos. You might be also growing tomatos to save some money – if this is the case this guide is for you. If you are interested in the series of posts written by Claude hop over here:   “The economicsof tomatoes”

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Claude said...

Thank you for the reference. I hope your readers find some useful information, and leave questions and comments! I love hearing from people.