August 7, 2013

Rusted steel deco in the water garden

Rusted steel trend spotted at the exhibitions doesn’t fit to one place in the garden only. Would you say that rust is not a nice finish to garden art? Look at the photos, this deco in the water garden for example.  
In my humble opinion there are few pros for rusted steel in the garden:
-       Your garden looks more mature, than it is in reality – it takes some time to cover metal with rust. Placing in the garden element that is fully covered with rust, suggests subconsciously that garden is also matured. That’s a phenomenon known in marketing – you can change the perceived value of an item if you place it accordingly. It can happen both ways, you may add value or diminish it.
-       No need for cleaning – the more weathered, more rusted, the better it looks.
-       Goes well with any style of garden.
-       Stands out and adds smashing style as a new garden decoration trend.
Any cons YOU have in mind?
If you like it, there are ways to cover your deco with rust patina really fast. I mean fast. Like in one hour if you believe it or not. You can buy ready liquids that will do it for you, or you need ingredients available in the store and google the recipe - I found very useful instruction and have included in the last post about rusted steel raised beds.