September 12, 2013

How to grow basil from cuttings

Constant supply of basil in the winter time – that’s my goal this year. I have checked internet and found out that some of the garden magicians grow basil from cuttings. I have never done it before. Usually I buy ready seedings or grow basil from seeds.

The idea of growing basil from cuttings and starting this before winter seemed to be puzzling to me, far more easy and faster than growing from seedlings. Trying if this works will be exciting, especially now when it’s time to cut off the basil from garden before the first frost will kill it. 

Another way to keep basil through the winter is trimming it heavily and taking home - I've done it one year with great success.

Current basil was fading away already, so I made fresh pesto from leaves, but also from part of the stems I took basil cuttings.  Removed majority of leaves and placed them in a fancy liqueur glass by sunny windowsill – that is suppose to guarantee 100% success rate. Fancy glass including of course…

This is done exactly same as I’ve done with brugmansia cuttings taken  in the autumn as well.

Will keep you posted if it rooted or what else happened.

Would you give it a try, as well? 


Bez-Ogródek said...

Fresh cuttings like these should start to root in a about a week. It's good to change the water every day to prevent cuttings from rotting. Let us know if this worked out for you and good luck! :)

Claude said...

We used top be able to start them from cuttings using fresh basil you bought at the grocery store, but lately it seems to have been kept too cold.