April 15, 2014

5 photos of small shady backyard landscaping ideas direct from Holland

These photos were taken in Holland. Just look at this neat and beautifully maintained spaces.
Whenever I am in Holland I have this surprising feeling that concept of space is really abstract. I am telling you… it is streaching… whatever you may think about it now.  
Just give me your hand and let's have a look at the photos, okay?

These are relatively small spaces to arrange and yet, so much is going on there.   

Gardens and planting is expanded to the walls and nobody is having these irrational ideas that plans will destroy them.

Neatly trained Parthenocissus tricuspidata known as Japanese creeper aka  Boston ivy aka Japanese ivy looks like 3d cushion sculpture on the wall.

Climbing hydrangea on th right gives lush green and white flowers in the late spring/early summer.

On the right trained Pyracantha coccinea - European species of Firethorn that has been cultivated in gardens since the late 16th century. In UK it is trained since 18th century. Great plant with benefits - interesting shape and intense coloured fruits (red, yellow or orange) in the autumn.

And I just couldn't resist to share these eyecandy.

Thanks for the walk :)

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Mark and Gaz said...

Glad to see that they make an area green no matter how small and restrictive the space is

Mary Palumbo Collings said...

The gardens are so beautiful. I would love to be shopping in one of those shops. Lovely!
Have a wonderful day.