May 30, 2014

Garden design London - here I come!

Travelling and garden design have one great advantage – I can do it wherever in the world I am. It needs some adjustments in plant choice and learning the natural conditions depending on the climate zones, but surprisingly enough it’s easier than one could think of.

In July I will be coming to London, so all possible meetings regarding design inquiries will be possible if you prefer personal vs. online contact.

I have many readers from UK… if you are one of them and if you would like to invite me to beautify your garden or you know somebody who would, just let me know. I would love to do it.
Garden design in London, here I come!

You may have a look at my portfolio here.
On my client's list there are institutions (American Embassy in Warsaw, Poland), companies  (Bridgestone, Comparex) and number of private investors. I hope to see you on this list as well  :) 

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1 comment:

Bushman said...

Sounds fun! I once renovated a resort located on an island in the Gulf of Mexico. It took 8 weeks from start to finish and 3 months of planning and learning about the plants and the environment. I just visited the place last weekend and the little palm trees that I planted were chin high back then are now 18 feet tall. SO neat to go back and see it again!