July 3, 2014

25 Photos of Organic Vegetable Garden in Moncarapacho, Algarve, Portugal

Today I’d love to share with you 25 photos taken in the vegetable organic garden located in picturesque area of agricultural and horticultural Eastern Algarve in Portugal. While driving the almost empty roads, I was discovering new views, catching the scent of orange orchards caressing the senses and feeding my soul.  

This is a splendid example of organic vegetable garden. The owner doctor Barrie Oldham is gardening organically here, in this red tough Portugese soil, following the valuable permaculture path.

Some parts of the garden are still a working project like integrating fish into permaculture green-house gardening – hope to see it working already while visiting next time.

Thank you doctor Barrie for permission to share your garden with the readers of this blog!  

Finding Casa Nirvana for the first time is kind of miracle. Frankly, I don’t know how I got here, must have been some help involved not only from friendly lady working in the cafeteria in Moncarapacho. Making sure about the right direction, was the most important challenge, then following the intuition was the second one. The closer I was, the narrower the road was, at the end just one car can pass.

Before we get to the vegetable garden you need to see the lush plantings around the house and clinic to establish the feeling how the place looks like.  
Backyard garden with two Bougainvilleas, Brugmansia and the softest Agave attenuata.

Dry land requires true survivors - here they are. I wish they could grow in my garden, but in this cold and wet climate of Poland, I can only grow them indoor.
In Algarve it rarely rains, there is average rainfall from min. 1 to max. 12 mm/monthly.
As for comparison rainfall in Poland is min. 7 to max 20 mm/monthly, UK 40 to 80 mm/monthly

You have seen these fascinating in shape Aeoniums Black Rose in the previous post.

Koi pond with grand koi living there. I love the idea of planting different aloes species around the pond.

And when aloes flowers it looks like being in flame! Splendid!

They are also self-seeding a lot.

And yes, this is what I was mentioning at the begining of the post. The color of the soil in it's full glory. Red. Ochre red. The photo gives full justice.

Kitty watching the vineyard, so nobody can trespass.

Persimmon tree.

Grapes slowly getting ready.

In the raised bed there are carrots popping up - they need raised beds to surely grow their strong long root. The red soil has to be enriched with organic matter to be soft enough.

Melons getting ready...

Cucurbita pepo var. patisoniana.

Brassica rapa chinensis called also bok choy - the chinese cabbage.

Brassica rapa var. parachinensis called choy sum.

Rucola seedlings waiting to be transplanted.

Many yummie and proud looking veggies here....

Basil scent around...

Cosmos flowering I know from my country as well :) Constantly I can't escape comparisons, ehe... why?

Almond tree...
Banana fruits soon to be ready.

Chickens too. There is little duckling under the chickens, but we can't see it now. It appeard suddendly after I took the photo.

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