October 30, 2014

7 Tips and 11 Photos of Scandinavian Style Interior Design

Years of admiration of Scandinavian style interior design happen when I was living in Sweden. Private homes or public spaces, didn’t matter, there was always something light and surprising.

One of my favorite blogs on vintage Scandinavian style interior design is Vita Ranunkler from Sweden.
Scandinavian vintage look is classic and gives warm feeling, because despite of colors they use in the interiors, they tend to include lots of lights, lamps and candles. Then the light colors they use in the interiors make it feel even lighter and warmer.

When  you lok at the photos (courtesy of Vita Ranunkler), pay attention to colors of the floor, walls and ceiling – this is an important part of the Scandinavian interior design. Posts on Vita Ranunkler are published often and always there is something to get inspired from.

I love unique style of Scandinavian shabby chic interiors. If in short I should make a summary here are my choice of:

7 tips on how to make your home look Scandinavian style interior design:

* De-clutter the interior make it as simple as possible.
* Place a fireplace in the corner and make it a focal point. Don’t hide. Make it a statement.
* Use lots of candles. Lamps should not give too  much ligh and don’t be scared to use many of them in one room.
* Keep the floors simple, wooden, don’t cover it with carpets. Scandinavians never did and still don’t like carpets.
* When it comes to color, stick to white, gray and bluish. Sometimes use light shades of pink.
* Use wood boldly and cover it with grey/white oil or paint to remove the yellow shades.
* Be eco-friendly and use vintage furniture and decoration materials.

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