December 7, 2014

Book Review: Organic Gardening

*Organic gardening* is a book written by Geoff Hamilton, one of the best British organic gardening experts. Perfect for beginning gardeners and veterans as well. If you are on either side of the experience lane or somewhere between and want to learn to garden without chemicals or pesticides, you want this book to be first hand information about organic gardening in your collection.

Definitely the best organic book you can find and that was ever published. Compact, clear information with lots of illustrations.

After reading this book and – which is far more important - using it in the garden for at least one season, you will love to spread the news among your friends. It is full of easy to use  information that will keep your garden healthy and beautiful. I am sure it will answer all of your questions and doubts you may have.

This is one of those good balanced books – great reading stuffed with myriad of information, well illustrated, and with a clear, well organized index.

Information in the book is all ‘practical’. You don’t have a feeling, that weeds magically will  spare your garden or that organic garden is a carefree wonder. Geoff Hamilton talks about real mundane world and shares advice that answers all issues the organic gardener may encounter. And what feels best, he is doing it without preaching and grumbling about chemical gardening – dark side of the gardening coin.

The book covers: soil management and improvement, fertilizers, organic pest and disease control, organic weed control, planning the garden (ornamental, vegetable, fruit, herb, greenhouse, container), basic techniques, propagation techniques and organic gardener chores in 4 different seasons of the year, raised bed, square foot and organic gardening. All is well illustrated, easy to understand, so anyone can garden on an Earth-friendly basis.

The chapter "The Gardening Year" is a must-know guide to how to schedule your garden activities according to your US location. I think also that many may truly appreciate  instructions for DIY tools, containers and fertilizers.

If you are into vegetable gardening, organic ways are especially important, as using chemical fertilizers means your veggies are not so healthy. “Organic Gardening” by Geoff Hamilton shares a lot of tips on preparing the soil and describes vegetable by vegetable on care, needs, bugs etc.

My rating: 10 out of 10 stars

This book is one of the best gardening books ever – and for good reason. It’s a must read for those switching to organic gardening or looking for good source information and expanding knowledge from best ever born practitioner.

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Have you read any great gardening books? Give your recommendations with your reasons why in comments below. Looking forward to discovering some great gardening books.

Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: DK Publishing, New Rev Up edition (February 21, 2011)
Available here:  Organic Gardening
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0756671795
ISBN-13: 978-0756671792

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