April 3, 2015

Growing Air

Literally. You grow fresh air indoor. If there is enough plants at home or in the office space and they are properly selected, you may literally grow air indoor. The modern new buildings are designed in such a way that there is enough plants to support the oxygen production and support the healthy working and living space.

So, why exactly to grow fresh air indoor?

More plants indoor less zombies
Plants in the office prevent draining the energy and turning workers into zombies in ties, because plants significantly lower workplace stress and enhance worker productivity. Participants working in an environment with plants present were 12% more productive and less stressed (Dr. Virginia Lohr of Washington State University).
There are many research results proving that indoor plants should become the standard technology for vital building elements, as plants have the ability to improve indoor air quality.  Some of the plant  species have the ability to remove compounds such as benzene and hexane in the range of 50% to 75% of the total volatile organic compounds.

Plants and flowers indoor boost our creativity
In the study performed by Texas A&M University researchers showed close link between flowers and plants and workplace productivity. Women and men demonstrated more innovative thinking, generating more ideas and solutions in the office with flowers and plants. Men generated 15% more ideas, females generated more creative, flexible solutions to problems.

Sick Building Syndrome is an expensive issue
There is an interesting research conducted by professor Tove Fjeld (Agricultural University in Oslo, Norway, 1998). During the research the groups were reviewing 12 of the common symptoms most often related to poor indoor air quality and ‘sick building syndrome’. The complaint rate lowered by 23% during the period when the participants had plants in their offices.

What to do if you have no indoor landscape plants?
And no resources or knowledge how to maintain them properly? Where to find solutions?
Choosing plants and containers may seem as overwhelming project because there is such a wide  choice. So many different plants that you don’t know how to compose them, what are their requirements, what containers to choose, what size, what style and colors? Maybe green walls? How to decide?

There is such service as indoor plant hire
Such companies have extensive range of indoor plants for hire including floor plants, desktop plants & different type of boxes. Whatever your indoor plant hire requirements are, whether your office has high light or low light, if you are looking for a classic or contemporary look you may find the solutions that suits your needs.
Indoor plant hire companies have also professionals with years of experience can help choose which vegetation is best-suited for certain types of areas and then make sure everything is going well with the plants, pruning, watering and rotating them as needed.
Lots of money are spent every year to improve the look of buildings and make them better working space. The same can be done for much less money by indoor plant hire.

The costs $5 per week
Office space improvement by indoor plant hire can be very cost effective. Some tailor made  solutions may start from as little as $5 per week. At the end who said that beautiful should be expensive?

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