November 2, 2007

Aslan - 'screaming for everything' cat

Today's post will be about our second cat Aslan.
Over 1,5 year ago, at very late June evening, we found 2 little cats in our garden. They were so little, that they couldn't just come by themselves. Neighbours did not have small cats, so I guessed that somebody dropped them hoping they will find new home. They were soo terrified and screaming... We took them home and fed, but what to do with three cats? We already had one (Atomic) and we were happy with him.
These 2 little creatures gave us a lot of fun those days...

Two new small cats were brother and sister and loved each other a lot, spending time together. Where one went, the other has followed. None of them was going somewhere alone.
On the picture above - the one in the front is Aslan.

Hmmm... he was sleeping more as I remember and his sister was looking around what's going on...

They slept together at home and after few days also in garden they felt like home. They used to sleep hidden in the shrubs.
I loved those moments, when they were jumping out of nowhere, without earlier sign, that they are there. Ta da dam! we are here! play with us!

They were so sweet and their habit of being all the time together was so touchy... however we didn't want to keep them. Rather to find a home for them.
Yeah... but you know how it is. The world is full of sweet little cats and it is not easy to find home for them.
After some weeks, when we lost hope, somebody answered our ad posted around. There came a girl living on the same street and she took the little sister.

That was one of the last days together.

Sister was gone, and little brother still with us. Nobody wanted a boy...
For long time we didn't name him, cos it would be more hard to give him away. So for long time he was 'nameless', until husband decided to name him Aslan - we already got used to the idea of second cat, especially that Aslan was very different from Atomic. Atomic is born aristocrat from his way of carrying himself. Aslan is just a chap of neighbourhood - messy, fast, loud and very insisting if he wants something.
Aslan means 'lion' in Turkish - it corresponds with his 'screaming for everything' habit.

Can you find a cat in picture above?

So he stays with us already 1,5 year and we are very happy that he found us.


Kylee Baumle said...

Oh Ewa, what a charming story about Aslan! I have a similar story about our Jilly. These photos are fabulous. I love them!

Thank you for visiting my blog and yes, of course, you may link to my blog! I'd be honored!

kate said...

Asian is a beautiful cat and must be happy having a good home!

Anonymous said...

I like the story about your cute cat Aslan and his sweet little sister. Unfortunately we cannot have a cat in our house as I have an allergy of cat hairs. But our neighbours ones are almost "ours" too. I look for them when the neighbours are on holiday. Cats are always good "models" for photographs ;-), your pictures are really nice!!
Have a good time!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting Ledge and Gardens! I would be honored with a link and will do the same although it will be next week as I am leaving for a couple days vacation! I'll be back and love your kittys.

Anonymous said...

My 11 year old Marta just looked at the kitten photos together with me. You should have heard all the ohhhs, and ahhhs :-)

Great photos of great cats.

Philosophical Karen said...

Oh, I love his big ears! Now I know where the name Aslan (from C.S. Lewis's "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe") comes from.

Unknown said...

Beautiful cats, both of them, Ewa. Cats have a way of finding the people they are supposed to be with...and obviously your two beauties are very hapy to be with their people.
I will indeed send along my email newsletter next time, Ewa, might be a few days yet, though.

SchneiderHein said...

Oh Ewa,
what a wonderful story with all these beautiful pictures! I think if I would have found these lovely sisters I couldn't be able to part them. But the possiblity to see his little sister in the neigbourhood is a really good solution.
I guess you have more of these cute photographs from Aslan and Atomic - hope to see some of them here soon...?!
We wish you a homely weekend with them.
Silke & Wolfgang

Merisi said...

Such beautiful heartwarming pictures and story! We have a dog, but love cats equally. Back home we always had cats around the house in the country. Now my mother has both, a cat and a dog and they are best friends.
Thank you for visiting my blog,
see you,

Meems said...

ewa: thanks for sharing your kitty story.

i can tell you have a soft heart for these furry friends. when my children were young (oh so many years ago) we found two of the cutest black kittens in our backyard. brother and sister they were. we tried in vain to find their owner and of course the children couldn't imagine giving them away.they ended up being our family pet for their lifetime.

have a great weekend.

ericat said...

Thank you for visiting our garden in South Africa. We are in different worlds. Each has beauty. thank you for the link, I will link back to you. I am a very big cat lover. All cats are beautiful. They do not need a pedigree or show winners. Will it be fine with you if I link back to you from my cat site so that the cat lovers can enjoy your kittens.

Ki said...

We have a cat that looks very much like Alsan. Our daughter saved him from being killed by an older male when he was a kitten. Of course she couldn't keep him because she was in a no pet apartment so he lives with us. We had another older cat who he fought with and again was beaten up quite badly with wounds on his back and sides which became infected and he almost died again. When he got better he still didn't learn his lesson and kept trying to fight the older cat under the door because we kept them separated with a close door. Because of his early brushes with death he's quite schizophrenic a Jekyll and Hyde. One moment you could be petting him and he would be contentedly lazing about and the next he would be biting and scratching you. We normally wouldn't tolerate that kind of behavior but he has a charming side too and is so full of life he would be difficult to be without. If only he would mellow a bit. Such a bad boy.

Gardenmomma Chris said...

Oh Ewe,
And he is happy he found you! Your photos are wonderful! Love to hear about their shenanigans! Have a great week! Chris

Aiyana said...

Cute cats!
Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.