November 30, 2007

Reflections on correcting mistakes

I wish nobody would produce bleu trash cans - cos for hedge I have to wait next 3 years at least :(
Finally winter shows its claws, so work in garden could be abandoned until spring and we can do something else. Eeeeee.... for example... thinking on correcting mistakes in the garden - I can not drop too far from gardening subject, yes? It is was really a lot of heavy work on different subjects and different garden's levels.
Some 'mistakes' are deliberate. I thought - its same amount of work on transplanting small trees, as on annuals. If you count all work every year - it makes nice time spent.
I transplanted many plants this autumn - I counted about 60 now - not everything yet... but I believe I am not alone with this...
Still some to move, but more seriuos ones - rather tree time came. Place them to final sites - that will be a challenge - good some months ahead of me.

Filtering device is still outside, not hidden elegantly yet. Why? No enough time this autumn. There was more emergency cases.
Few thujas - small kind, that are waiting for this privilege on the other side of the garden.
Pond season is ended, so filter can be removed to a safe place in the cellar.

In the buckets on left side there are water plants, that I didn't want to place in the pond, so fish will not eat it. Now I don't know whether to keep them like this through the winter, or to put them to the pond?

These are great trees of neighbours, that made me fall in love with this site and buy the house and non-existing garden... soon years ago.

Very thin cover, rather sugar powder scattered around...
Roses! They can't be seen on the picture, but 'cover' made me remember, that I didn't do anything to protect them for winter. This weekend... its time.


gintoino said...

Nice pics! And to think that just today I was complaining about 12ºC being too cold! I'm also moving some plants, but my garden is still flowering and green.

Strawberry Lane said...

Hi Ewa,
What beautiful photos with the light coat of white snow.

And I love all the wonderful trees that you have there. Everything looks so lovely ... even in the early winter time.

Unknown said...

Oh, Ewa! These are wonderful photos--I thought at first they were black and white, til I spied the blue trash cans. (which no one would notice had you not mentioned them. Your hedge will grow before you know it)
By the way, I forgot to say in your earlier post--I vote for painting your furniture blue. Today, with the snow in your yard, you can see why: if the furniture is white, it will disappear in the yard; if it's blue, it will show up as an interesting bit of portable structure.

teresa g. said...

What a nice sight - we can't enjoy it here! (In the place I live it snows once every 20 years in average). I can imagine that now it is not so pleasant to work in the garden!

It was also very nice to know your beautiful garden, and see how it has been growing and getting more beautiful.

Thank you for linking my blog, it will be a pleasure to have yours in my link list, also.

MariaJ said...

Your wintergarden is very lovely. I like that sugar powder you have used, haa.It was suprising that you also have to cover your roses there south. Happy First Advent!

MariaJ said...

Dear Ewa. You asked about snow on my blog. The climate has changed and you can see it in Finland too. We can have a "real" winter only couple months. I mean real when you can ski and skate on the lake. Skating is my favourite but the season was very short for that last winter. (I dont like to skate elsewhere, its too boring, but when you go to the lake and their have roads for the skaters, wow, thats cool!) Naturally the norther you go you still can have a proper winter. My country is 1000 km long. (By the way I smiled too when I read that Cloche is the same in Polish)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your visit ..
I love your garden helpers:-))
Our little friends, we love so much..
You have a wonderful garden, excellent layout, I am looking for ideas:-) Large space in front of our house needs some improvement.

Just found this poem..
Sunshine is delicious,
rain is refreshing,
wind braces up,
snow is exhilarating;
there is no such thing as bad weather
just different kinds of good weather.
cheers Gisela
who is watching the snow piling up in front of her window.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ewa

Your winter garden looks great. And I am looking forward to follow more of your gardening when spring comes.

SchneiderHein said...

Oh Ewa, what a beautiful winter cover for your garden! It's looks so nice, and I'm sure, in a few years your garden have serveral green trees and shrubs for the winter time. Then there is no possibility the see the bleu trash cans again!
I wish you a nice time with thoughts about transplanting in spring...

Wurzerl said...

Hi Ewa, I am the first time in your blog and I like your winter garden very much.In Bavaria we had a warm wind, so all the snow is gone. But I hope the snow will come back soon. I wish you a good Christmas time, have a good week. Wurzerl

Reginas Cottage said...

Hallo Ewa
Your winter garden looks very beautiful.
I wish a wonderful evening Regina

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Your garden looks great with this light sprinkling of snow. Blue containers? What blue containers? ;-)

A garden is never ever finished, there is always something to do.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Love your garden Ewa. I will look forward to seeing how it evolves.

Your garden helpers look sweet.