December 8, 2007

Nursery close to Warsaw, in June

These pictures were taken at one of my favourite nurseries. It was for me awsome experience when for the first time I got there - views were truly breathtaking!
This is a nursery with long tradition - have no idea how they survived communist time.
It was started by grand grandfathers, which among other precious plants brought by ship from US this beautiful Metasequoia glyptostroboides.
The tree itself is very impressive - lightness of foliage and interesting colour of bark. There is one more thing that makes it outstanding - arrangement! It is literally smashing in reality. Small cushion plants, mainly different kind of Calluna, on the bottom - make it more beautiful!
The secret is - you need space to present this tree, otherwise it gets lost and loses impact.

Isn't it real discovery to see mature plants, that in our garden are maily small and we have little chance to see them mature, because they grow very slowly. 2-3 cm yearly is everything that Conica was doing! Today 2 m tall Picea glauca Conica known also as White spruce Alberta.
It looks good here with low growing Juniperus and cushion plants.

Columbine - Aquilegia vulgaris plena here Nora Barlow in large beds make a real true experience.

And now my favourite one - flowering rhododendrons.
Different colours, mature shrubs - real breathtaking view!

Last picture taken there, but not last awsome spot to look at - I didn't take pictures of all of them.
I will do it coming spring, cos place is really worth to mention and explore.
On the picture Himalayan Pine - Pinus wallichiana. Looks amazing during 'candle' stage, while all needles look down.
Yellow - an unidentyfied by now kind of Berberis.


Carol Michel said...

That is a beautiful nursery. It is wonderful that it survived through so much!

MariaJ said...

I enjoyed your photos very much too. The different foliage of the leaves is breathtaking really!

teresa g. said...

Amazing! It looks more like a garden than a nursery, at least as we know them here, which look like plant factories.
It looks really beautiful.

Ewa said...

Carol, Mariaj, Jardineira aprendiz,
This nursery is special - it combines spacious private garden and nursery. Real shopping place is on the right side of first picture, out of frame.
The place makes impression that one day in past somebody envisioned great garden and wanted to live on love for plants :) That's nice idea, isn't it?
I will make more pictures next year, promise.

Barbara said...

This is really a nursery? It looks like a park! Mature trees gives a garden always a sort of majestic touch. I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures and also hearing about what kind of plants this wonderful nursery sells....
Bye, bye, have a nice Sunday!

Ewa said...

Hello Barbara,
Yes :) This is nursery. They sell regular stuff: little perennials, but mainly shrubs, trees, evergreens etc.
Somebody in the past had 'the' vision. This reminds me the rhododendron amazing garden in US (link in my blog links listed as 'Enumclaw' - if didn't go there yet, it is really worth to see). Once a flat piece of land, today beautiful rhodo-garden, open for visitors. Their website is not very easy organised, but you need to deep little deeper to see really amazing pictures.
Have a nice Sunday too :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog. Thank you.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Ewa this is a sight for sore eyes. Here it is pouring rain. How wonderful to have a nursery with such foresight to make it look and feel like a botanic garden. The only bad thing is that I would want one of everything they showcase. :)

Mary said...

Ewa, I'm glad you visited so I could see your beautiful blog. Your header of the lilies on the pond strikes me as I love ponds. I have one, also.

Your garden is well tended - you must work with it a lot. Lovely!

I can't talk much about my garden as we are in a very serious drought since last winter. I'm hopeful that spring 2008 will be better.


Meems said...

very nice photos, ewa. what a beautiful place to shop and to enjoy not only what is for sale but the fabulous garden they have created.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Lovely pics of a beautiful nursery, no wonder it is your favorite!

Love those columbines, they are one of my favorite flowers!

Ewa said...

Hello Yolanda Elizabet,
As these columbines is your favourite flowers you probably have the recipe what to plant with them, to fill the place after columbines are gone. Would you like to share it?

Barbara said...

Thank you Ewa for mentioning the rhodo website. It's enormous what this couple did! Fantastic all these huges rhodos!

Ewa said...

Yes, yes... that rhododendron garden is amazing!

joey said...

A lovely post, Ewa, and feast for the eyes.

ilterocktive said...

That Metasequoia rocks!
(Sorry for the language :))

Rurality said...

Hi Ewa, great pictures! I particularly like the one with the spruce - all those different colors of green!

Unknown said...

Just what we all needed...a dose of beauty, in green and growing life! These are beautiful images, and what an incredible looking nursery! Another good rhododendron website to visit if you're interested is in Nova Scotia: the Willow Garden is a private home and they have SO many different rhododendrons and azaleas. I have several of their seedling azaleas, and they're holding several species for me for next spring. Wonderful site: URL is
Always a treat to visit your blog, Ewa!

Hannele på Hisingen said...

Nice nursery.

Kylee Baumle said...

Wow, Ewa, what a beautiful place that is! We have four of the Picea glauca on our property, but they're VERY small and two of them we've had for many years. I love the large one in your photo!

Garden Wise Guy said...

Ewa: do you know the story behind Metasequoia glyptostroboides? Apparently, it was thought to be extinct and was only found in fossil records. It was discovered growing somewhere in China in 1944, then propagated for the world. I did a little digging at Wikipedia and here's a great link.

It's a very good tree for many styles of gardens and performs the trick of being a conifer, yet changing color in the fall and losing its leaves.

Thanks for sharing it with us.