December 14, 2007

When something pushes you out of routine...

There is a park in the neighbourhood with old trees. The little city itself is not interesting, so we were not so much interested in looking what is going on there.
You know how it is - you live somewhere and things, places which are in your closest distance don't take your attention.
But one day - being in the mood of having 'sightseeing' - pushed by that unknown impulse, that possibly comes from inner you and tries to kick you out of routine - we decided to look around - just a short walk in a place that is close, but completely unknown.
Luckily I took camera with me, cos that walk was full of surprises. We found something really worth to see :)

These ducks are most common in Poland.

But only take a look at this next picture!!

When I saw it first time, I thought: OMG somebody put artificial duck on the lake! What a disgusting thing!

But wait a second! It is moving! yey!!
What is this??
I took photos first :)

Then I looked in the book and look what I found: Mandarin Duck - male. I never saw them before in my life. I never thought they live wild in Poland :)

They are rare in Poland, and as far as I know rare in entire Europe.
They originate from Asia (China) were they are native.

They are 'endangered species -despite being evaluated as Least Concern because of large-scale exports and the destruction of its forest habitat' - this is they say.
I understood while looking at numbers: only 1000 pairs is living in China and Russia, 5000 in Japan.

And we also have ONE pair in Pruszków city park!

So, what is my lesson from the walk? Even in something/a place that seems to be very common and of no interest, there might be something you never saw before :)

"That I exist is a perpetual surprise which is life' by Rabindranath Tagore


Barbara said...

Beautiful pictures Ewa. I like to watch birds and's very calming!! Looking at them is a little like forgetting everything that happens around me....
Have a nice weekend!

Rune Eide said...

Very good pictures of the ducks! I envy you those.

Thank you for your own nice comments on my blog.

Philosophical Karen said...

Lovely photos, and a very interesting story about the Mandarin ducks.

Barbara said...

Hello Ewa
I saw you first on Barbara's blog so looked you up and see that you are in Poland. That was interesting as I have just come home from meeting with friends where the husband's family came from Poland. So I checked through some of your posts. I love the pictures of the ducks. I will come back and read some more.

ilterocktive said...

"When I saw it first time, I thought: OMG somebody put artificial duck on the lake!"
Hahah! It is a very funny thought! :)))

Lisa at Greenbow said...

People keep those Mandarin ducks as pets around here. It would be a great surprise to see one even knowing it was probably an escaped pet.

Even though the Mallards are commone they are a beautiful duck.

I love the picture with the bridge. It is a pretty scene.

Ewa said...

Hello Lisa,
They are also kept here as domestic birds, but not very common. Still surprising to see them among 'common ducks':)

Britt-Arnhild said...

Hi Ewa.
The Mandarin duch is beautiful. I am so glad that you brought your camera with you on the neighbouring walk.

Anonymous said...

Very nice pitures Ewa..
From time to time I come and read your blog..
Today we celebrate the 3. Advent Sunday..
May you have the gladness of Christmas which is hope;
The spirit of Christmas which is peace;
The heart of Christmas which is love.
cheers Gisela

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by..
Love your cats, Atomic looks a litle bit like our Maxi.
Right now we are hit by an massive snow storm, postet some pictures..
cheers Gisela

David said...

Hi Ewa, I love the pictures of the ducks. We have a lot of mallards here in NC-they are beautiful. I've never seen a Mandarin Duck in the wild. It is surprising what you can find in familiar places if you look. Glad you took the camera!

Kylee Baumle said...

Ewa, what gorgeous photos and I'd be ecstatic over seeing that Mandarin! I've never heard of it nor have I seen it before. What a pretty thing it is.

I know I always say I'm going to take my camera at all times with me and then every now and then I forget it and don't you know, that's when I'll see something unique. Good for you that you had yours!

FO - 2 said...

Hello Ewa.
It`s been a while since i visited you.
These photos are just BEAUTIFUL!!! :)))
Great colours. Clear and sharp.

A wildlife gardener said...

Beautiful pictures, Ewa! I love mallard ducks and Mandarin ducks too. They always look as if someone has just taken out their easel and painted them.

I have finally written my 'Tag' post! I hope you like it :)

Linda Lunda said...

Hello Ewa!
Thank you for visiting my blogg. Your blogg is wonderfull... may I link it to mine?

And I also want to wish you an
Merry Christmas!