June 8, 2008

We just had some rain!

My meteostation showed 0,7cm rain. Everything is just little refreshed. Makes me happy :)

You can see one white chair - I started to paint my garden furniture, so far only this one finished - looks little lonely :) as soon as I will find some more time to paint the rest it will get a company.

Decided for white color finally because of the fresh and clean feeling it gives, additionally it makes the furniture looks lighter. It also stands out more.


Jane O' said...

Everything looks so green and wonderful. Very peaceful

Ewa, you've been tagged for a meme. Please stop by my blog for details.

Zoë said...

Hello Ewa, thank you for leaving a comment on my Blog, Greetings from the UK!

It is very warm here just now,(25°C) and humid. The skies are looking heavy,so maybe we will have thunder.

My garden could use some rain too for a refresh. Every always looks good after a shower.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is just wonderful to get a nice rain when you have been dry for so long. One can almost hear the garden slurping up the water.

Katarina said...

You're lucky to get some rain - if we don't get some pretty soon, everything will be totaly dried out.
Your garden lokks so very inviting!

Gail said...

Ewa, Great news glad you got rain...please send some to the southeast USA!


Robin (Bumblebee) said...

I like the crisp look of the white chair in the luscious garden. Beautiful!

Robin at Bumblebee

Zoë said...

Hello Ewa,

of course you can, I would be honoured.

Best Wishes,


P.S. You might enjoy the blogs at Blotanical, you could join too?

Ewa said...

jane marie,
thank you for tagging me - it's a pleasure :) I am in.

thank you for visiting, I am using blotanical only to certain extend, I prefer to keep at hand on my blog the list of favourite blogs to read, but to keep updated I use RSS feed reader - somehow I find it easier :) but that's my personal preference.

lisa, it is so dry, that this little rain is not enough :( just little refreshment.

in general we have similar situation - too dry...

gail, just close your eyes and stretch your arms.... it will come :) maybe...

thank you - you encourage me to keep painting :))

Anonymous said...

Your garden looks so fresh and vibrant and inviting!
The white chair was a good idea! I know you will enjoy it and the ones to follow!

Rising Rainbow said...

I like the chair painted white.

Anonymous said...

The weather patterns in Europe are very strange this year. It was very dry here in Amsterdam for a while, but they were getting heavy rains to the north and south in the UK and Belgium, then we finally got some rain but it's dry again. I see it's been dry for you.

Rain is forecast here over the next few days...

Diary From Africa said...

Hello Ewa
I found your blog through "Link Referral" - it is such a lovely blog and your garden and photo's are stunning ! Very different vegetation/plants/flowers to what we have here in East Africa. I'll be back soon !
Lynda (Kilimanjaro, East Africa)