September 15, 2008

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - September 2008


Fuchsia - no name. Could you help to find its name?


Rose - also no name. It was written just "patio rose" on the label - this is rediculous, that THEY think it is enough.


Rose Chopin - healthy plant and very persistent bloomer - it blooms till November. Last year, when winter was mild, it gave us last flowers in December.


"New Dawn"


The Pink Fairy.


Digitalis purpurea - late blooming - who knows why. Usually in Poland they bloom in June, but as it is with human beings - there is always somebody who makes things different...


This Denrathema used to be pure white last year...


This yellow dendrathema was the the closest color to orange I could find. Still keep looking, because for some reasons I need orange in autumn garden.


This unusally looking clematis x triternata "Rubromarginata" is blooming since July and it is fragrant.


Periclymenum Serotina - beautiful and strong scenting. Blooms since June.


White pelargonium - fantastic for containers. Looks like it can survive without extra watering.


H. macrophylla - last new flower.


Tagetes tenuifolia


Nasturtium decided to climb the tree.


This big hairy critter - that I don't know what it is - parked entire afternoon on the butterfly bush. Lookes pretty scary - do you see those black big eyes?



Periwrinkle again on duty...


Anemone hupehensis still blooming...


Hydrangea paniculata Tardiva slowly passing away, but still beautiful...


Hydrangea arborescens Annabelle blooms in June, but with remowing the growing tips in May, the blooming period may be prolonged. Some may prefer her big flowers, but I think they are too big to look nice - they usually look down, because the stems have difficulty to hold them upright.


H. Paniculata Kyushu


Hydrangea paniculata Limelight turning slowly into pinkish shades....


Phlox paniculata still keeping single blooms and hosting guests...


Sharon rose last blooms...


Sedum Bertram Anderson...

Garden Bloggers; Bloom Day is kindly hosted by Carol at May Dreams Garden, for what the blogosphere is thankful :))


garden girl said...

So many beautiful things still blooming in your garden Ewa! You have such a nice variety of roses and hydrangeas.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ewa, your photos are beyond beautiful and your garden is full of goodies, I love the little visitor on the phlox. Thanks for sharing these wonderful flowers.

Frances at Fairegarden

Gail said...


So many beautiful blooms...where do I start my list of favorites, there too many. The unusual and fragrant clematis is at the top of the list!

clay and limestone

Lisa at Greenbow said...

How great to have so much blooming in your garden this month. I just love those roses and the guests your flowers are hosting.

Anonymous said...

It still looks quite summery in your lovely garden, Ewa. When will autumn arrive for you?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ewa-
I just found your blog and when I saw the pictures, I started saying "WOW! WOW!" and my husband turned to me and said, "What ARE you looking at?"
Gorgeous photos! Thanks for making me smile!

Ewa said...

It is clear what is my favourite plants, right? Hydrangeas and roses....

In my garden there is maybe 1 month that nothing is blooming - while planning, that was one of my first assumptions...

This clematis which is clematis x triternata is very beautiful after few years, when it shows blooming profusion. Single flowers are not too showy, but fragrant.

Many guests in the garden, because winter is coming closer...

Autumn started now. Temperatures dropped to +5C at night with only 13C during the day.

Welcome to my blog - I hope you will come more often.

Anonymous said...

So much beauty still in your garden! That "patio rose" is just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Ewa you have a fantastic collection of flowers. Each is special and beautiful. It's great to haven them flowering into autumn. The small visitors are pretty too.

Millie said...

Dear Ewa - what a pleasure I've had doing a virtual walking tour of your beautiful garden today!

So many of these lovely plants I'm unable to grow here in the bitterly cold climate of the Adelaide Hills, but it's so good to see & enjoy them again. But my blessings are the camelias we have in abundance at the moment, they are truly amazing & I love each one of them.
Millie ^_^

Anonymous said...

wonderful pictures Ewa..
Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. Going to fix the yoga link:)
Cheers Gisela.

JGH said...

What gorgeous photos. I love what you said about how, just like with humans, somebody always has to be different, not follow the crowd and bloom at the "wrong" time. Thank goodness for those oddballs :-)

Enjoyed my visit and hope to come back soon.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blooms in your garden at this time of year. I really can't pick a favorite. I have a re-bloom on my New Dawn rose also but it is not photo worthy after the weekend of rain. Yours is lovely.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

That Fushcia is so beautiful, sorry I can't ID it for you. How appropriate that you grow the Rose 'Chopin.' (He's my favorite composer.) I wish I could send you some of my Dendranthema, it's peachy/apricot. Not exactly orange, but definitely orangie.

Balisha said...

I loved my garden walk through your beauties. When does winter begin for you?

ICQB said...

Your pink fairy roses do look just like fairies frolicking in the garden!

Everything is beautiful - thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

You have a lovely garden, and I greatly enjoyed seeing all you have in flower!

Tira said...

What a feast for the eyes! i love the fuchsia, roses, the marking on the Digitalis purpurea and the curly pink spiky flowers- what are they?

krystyna said...

What a beautiful garden, Ewa!
Rose Chopin is really healthy?
I didn't know about this.
I have to find Rose Chopin.
Maybe some day you'll write more about Rose Chopin.

Thanks for a beautiful walk throught your amazing Garden!

Ewa said...

Millie, cammelias are true blessing - I can not grow them here. In winter it is too cold outside - indoor I don't have properly low temperature in the winter.

Balisha, our winter starts in December, but Autumn - it looks - like just started.

Nicole, plant you asked about it Polygonum bistorta - tight ground covering.

Anonymous said...

Such a gorgeous garden! You have some amazing blooms, things I've never seen before. The Periclymenum Serotina is so exotic...and nice photos, too. Thanks for sharing.

Victoria Cummings said...

Thanks, Ewa, you made my day - what exquisite flowers you have!

HappyMouffetard said...

Beautiful flowers - the colours are radiant. I love the fragrant Clematis - it is so important to have fragrance in the garden, and it looks beautiful too!

Pat said...

You have the MOST beautiful flowers and pictures.
I saw your blog link on another blog weeks ago and was very impressed. This time I could'nt find you. So I googled "Ewa in the Garden" and there you were !!
I'm new to blogging and have a question regarding "awards".
It may be a stupid question but I like to know so if you have time come visit. Anyway I saved your link this time.

Thanks for sharing,

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Happy GBBD Ewa! How lovely your blooms are, especially the unusual clematis and honeysuckle! Yes, it is quite ridiculous that they label that rose patio rose and that's it. Your roses all look very goos though and i saw one I know quite well as she was growing in my old garden; New Dawn.

You are right, your Limelight is much greener than mine, amazing!

CIELO said...

Ewa... this is paradise! Such beautiful garden, and then, your name "Ewa" goes along with all that beauty so well.... is like Eve in Paradise.... PERFECT, my dear!

I would love to show your garden on my Garden of the Month, next spring. I'm planing on featuring one more in a couple of days and then close the "garden" for the winter season.... I would love to reopen it with your garden, around April, or May.... :)

Have a lovely day, sweet woman... and oh, remember "Hopeful Friday" tomorrow, if you'd like to participate.


Barbara said...

Your garden is really filled with a lot of beautiful flowers. Great! I do envy you for this special clematis ;-)!

Skoots1moM said...

I absolutely love what you've posted...i just posted my latest flowers, too!
come by any time...
: )

Linda Lunda said...

WOW! So many flowers !
Werry nice inded!
The Critter... bumlebee.. I do love them! They are so sweet.


Diederick Wijmans said...

What a beautiful set of photos you are sharing with us!! Wonderful compositions!

Viooltje said...

I can almost smell the beautiful scents of your garden. Beautiful photos, as usual. And I just loved your scary bumblebee, I'm delighted to see them in my garden, but in these areas, unfortunately, they are now only pretty rare, as well as the bees. Congrats on a wonderful post, Ewa!

Olivier said...

tu as un superbe jardin, les fleurs sont magnifiques.

you have a beautiful garden, the flowers are beautiful.

Dig, Grow, Compost, Blog said...

As everyone else has said, you have a beautiful garden. Those roses and hydrangeas, wow!

Ewa said...

The plant you have asked about is Polygonum affinis Superba - I made mistake.

pixie princess said...

Oh, I discovered the Blotanical just yesterday, and came across so many wonderful people and so many wonderful gardens.. And yours, Ewa, was definitely one of my very favourites!! You have so much love and joy of living and beauty to share! Thank you and good luck! :)