January 19, 2009

Hybrid car? Green car? How to tell if they are better than traditional ones?

This subject is very interesting to many of us, who care about nature and are fans of green life and look everyday for new possibilities to live in green style.
Maybe still cheaper car to buy is the traditional one, but concerning the gasoline price, driving hybrid car seems to be cheaper, however some say it is not really convenient.

In such moments I always ask myself what is convenience? This is something we got used to do, so we don’t need to think how to do it, therefore it seems to be easier and more convenient. Will YOU oppose? Do you think that more convenient are things which are ‘rationally’ easier to do? You would be surprised what other people consider more convenient.
Psychologists are saying that it takes only 30 days to change your habit, providing that every day you discipline yourself to do what you want to be your new habit, replacing the old one.
If I read in the reviews that it is not convenient to charge batteries in electric engines, I am asking myself on which behalf is that person writing? Who benefits from stopping us to change our habits?
Do you consider to change your car, maybe hybrid one will be a solution for you? Research showed, that drivers use maximum capacity of traditional combustion engine only in 1% of driving time. Usually we drive short distances and rather in relaxed way, not rally style. In hybrid cars they combined combustion engine, which is much smaller than traditionally, with electric engine. This, plus different construction of tires give majority of savings. For example Prius weights 1300 kg and inside is as spacious as Corolla. It takes 10,9 sec do get to 100 km/h and it is using 4,3 liters of gasoline per 100 km. If you use only electric engine you may drive 45 km/h.
More information on any hybrid car you can find here.
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Do you have any personal experience on using hybrid car? Please share it.


Anonymous said...

I've never driven a hybrid car, but I think they are more interesting for people in the US. In Europe we have very good turbo diesel cars, that also use a very small amount of fuel. I used to own a Seat Toledo diesel (similar to a VW Jetta), and I would normally get 4,5 l/100Km or better (about 55 US mpg).

The newer turbo diesels use even less fuel.

Turbo diesels are cheaper, and can be fixed by an ordinary mechanic. The engines are also stronger, and the cars go faster. Hybrid cars usually have to be fixed by the dealer, and like you pointed out have the problem of toxic batteries that have to be replaced sometimes and eventually thrown away anyway.

Before, diesel cars polluted the air too much, and so weren't legal in many places in the US. Now that's changed, the diesel engines pollute less, and I think soon turbo diesels will become more popular in the US than they are now.

tina said...

Very interesting! I have contemplating a politically correct Prius, but they are so expensive up front that it is actually cost prohibitive for most. Maybe someday there will be only 'green cars' offered for sale.

Gail said...


With these issues I always feel like I am standing in the market check out line mulling over which is better for the environment...plastic or paper. Now I can carry my own canvas bags! The car situation is so much more complicated and always involves huge expenditures on the consumer's part. Gail

Anonymous said...

We drive a fairly efficient compact car now and a hybrid would be waaaay out of our price range. I'd drive one in a heartbeat, if and when they bring the price down.

TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

I just love my Toyota! I drive more legally with this Prius, it doesn't encourage to drive fast in Prius and that is good for me. The petrol is so expensive here in Sweden so it is good for my economy as well.
I'm all for it as you can hear.

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Yes, Ewa If I ever get rid of my car, (it is a golden Lexus has got all I want and is already 14 Years old,) I love to drive it. I would change it to a hybrid car.My daughter drives a Skoda Diesel,
4.8 l 100 km. It is very economic because she drives a lot to get the children to and from school.