June 13, 2010

Gardening accessories and visiting unseen manor houses of Great Britain – what does it have in common?

Recently somebody brought to my attention The Travelling Souk an on-line gift shop. I checked it and its worth your attention as well, especially if you are looking for unique gifts or eco-friendly products. The shop offers wide choice of fair trade products that have the benefit of being eco-friendly. There are many interesting gifts ranging from eco home & garden, via eco toys to eco health and beauty. Among them I found the eye-filling Italian linen collection and storage baskets. Toys are fair trade, eco friendly, green, organic and recycled.

Among many sections there are two that caught my special attention, which are home & garden and eco souk. In eco home and garden section I spotted beautiful handmade lanterns made of plant fiber and leaf skeletons and which are fire-retardant. They look so charming - I wonder what was the technique used to make it from such fragile material?

In garden accessories I found herb shears! This tool is so interesting in shape - the shop says it's made of high quality carbon steel, so it will not rust and retain the sharp cutting edges. Does anybody have any experience with herb shears?

In every section you may choose your products according to your price preference that is time saving.

The idea behind The Travelling Souk is not only selling online, but also travelling with the products like merchants in old days have done.

If you are living in UK you may visit your local manor and help to raise charity funds, if you take part in one of the listed events, where you can not only see all the products, but also spend some time in extraordinary place. Venues are chosen carefully called 'unseen manor houses of Great Britain sprinkled with a liberal dose of revamped barns and racecourses'.

One of the last events took place in Leeds castle. Credit: Harrsch
Credit: Rutter

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