June 14, 2010

Flowers for each month - GBBD June 2010

Flowers for each month - this is what Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day is about. It helps me to keep the track of what's blooming each month and I can easily tell differences between previous June blooms. For that reason I am trying to fight the temptation to cheat and I post only flowers that are in bloom same day or day before. This year I have two conclusions: irises were blooming earlier and shorter than previous years, roses are not in full abundance yet, Philadelphus coronarius (English Dogwood) is still before blooming - is this all caused by short, cold and wet spring? Probably. 
My mom says, she never experienced such poor spring after so brutal winter... well, we also didn't see so big water in Wisła, river crossing Warsaw - they say the water level was the highest since 60 years.  

I am happy to see new promising arrivals - alpine strawberry grown from seeds and planted in March, now is setting flowers since 2 weeks is setting slowly its delicious fruits.

Hydrangea Anabelle is early this June, because I don't prune stem's tips this year. I usally have done it untill beginning of May to pronolog the blooming time. This year my Anabelle pruned high - got really large. New shots appeared from stem - sometimes when I look at it, its hard to believe there is just one plant.

Aruncus dioicus flowers early this year - as I am more 'wildlife sensitive', I noticed how many different insect species it attracts. In Poland Aruncus dioicus is under strict protection.  I also learned recently that male plant is having smaller, yellowish flowers, while female ones are white and larger.

Campanula poscharskyana likes to climb the nearest conifer. I am not sure that Picea glauca var. Albertiana Conica really likes it... hmmm... just to make sure I remove all stemr right after blooming - to assure Conica growing in well-rounded, natural shape.

Capucijner peas has such lovely flowers, that it deserves its place among June blooms - at the end vegetable garden shall be also lovely - right?

Clematis Niobe got well again after 3 years struggle with problems. 2 years ago I had to dug it out and exchange the soil for more loose, full organic matter and well drained. Last year she was growing roots and gathering the energy - I have never seen her setting so many flowers.

White digitalis is highy appreciated at Ewa in the Garden, so I am in the process of pulling all pinks before they set seeds.

Geranium cantabrese Bikovo - wonderfully scented flowers and leaves. I think they will make part of my own perfume production this year.

Lavender is getting ready to bloom - I harvested first flowers yesterday, but I am afraid I was too early.

Peony Sarah Bernhardt has too big flowers to admire them in the garden - they always look down. This variety is good for cut flowers - at least you may look at the flowers. And no fragrance.

Rose Louise Odier - fragrant, suitable for confiture - blooming poorly this June.

Spirea japonica Manon - even if growing in light shadow is not whimsy at all - blooming reliably no matter of what's going on around.

Thyme citrus scented.

Brutal winter didn't harm the water lily - I would even say she is better than ever. Growing large leaves and setting few flowers at the same time. It might be also caused by effective microorganisms I have added in May. I am really surprised how this water lily is performing this year!

Weigela florida Bristol Ruby - the most hardy Weigela I know. Look at the number of flowers! In my zone 6, usually weigela's are harmed by winter like that one we had. 
This post is part of Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day hosted by Carol at May Dreams Garden.


vicki archer said...

Your garden must be incredible Ewa....my roses bloomed beautifully this year and my lavender is about to burst. xv

Carol said...

Beautiful Ewa!! Your series of photos are stunning... love the colors leading into one another... especially the peony and rose... pea flower into clematis! Gorgeous!

Katie said...

I might need to get some Aruncus. I love having the little bitty insects in my garden.

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Gorgeous flowers. I have the Aruncus but the flowers are an ecru colour. Must be a male.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I must have a male Aruncus, as it was nowhere near as beautiful as yours. Looks like you're doing something right with Clematis 'Niobe.' It's such a fabulous color. I was under the impression that Lavender was to be gathered before the blooms opened. Oops! Guess I'll harvest some now that it's blooming. The waterlily is lovely.

Sylvana said...

That Niobe clematis is so beautiful. I bought a mystery clematis last year. I hope it turns out to be this one (it is between this one and Jackmanii).

I've never seen a white foxglove before. I love it!

Melody said...

The flowers on the peas are gorgeous - worth growing just for the blooms! And the aruncus - I need one of those for my white garden:)