December 30, 2010

Ewa in the Garden 2010

As usually end of the year brings plans for next year and also looking back at what happened in the passing year, whether was there anything worth to be proud of. 2010 was remarkable year for me personally and for Ewa in Garden. In May I've met fellow bloggers, in December I've completed garden design course, and blog got its momentum with stable readership. It was great year! This is why tomorrow or on 1st of January I will write 'good bye letter' again. I made it first time and it seems to be working. Why not to invite even better things to life in the upcoming year? This ritual has nothing to do with white magic or so, rather codes our brain to attract better things and get disattached from all bad things in life.

Turning back to Ewa in the Garden, if you like reading my blog maybe you are interested which post got most attention and were viewed most often. I made little digging in my analytics account and found out which posts published in 2010 were most popular. This list is different than best of all posts written since the first one, because the older posts are, the stronger they get in search engines.
So, I'd like to present 10 best posts of 2010. Maybe you missed some of them, so this will be the chance to view them:
    PS. Do you think you will also write goodby letter to old year? 


    Randi said...

    I want to thank you for all inspirational posts you have made this year. I wish you a Happy New Year!

    Darla said...

    It has been a good blogging year!

    Ewa said...

    Randi, I am trying my best - this is great feeling to know if I could inspire someone.
    All best for you in 2011

    Ewa said...

    Darla, I would like to thank you for being frequent visitor and reader - this gives me lots of inspiration.
    I wish you great 2011!

    fer said...

    Thank you for the links. I do want to grow some alpine strawberries from seeds.
    Happy new year!

    Carole said...

    Happy New Year to you Ewa, I think it's a good idea to write a Goodbye letter to the past year and why not a welcoming letter to the new year, and check at the end what came out of it ?
    We're having yet again a long and cold winter here, so I am planning ahead and anticipating the moment when the soil will be soft again and ready to receive all sorts of new offerings to grow and develop !
    I wish you lots of gardening (and of course in many other fields - pun intended, haha) success in 2011 !

    Anna said...

    Wishing you a most happy New Year Ewa - it was a pleasure to meet you at Malvern and then briefly at Hampton Court. Looking forward to being a more regular visitor to your blog in 2011.

    Jan said...

    A "good bye" letter to 2010 sounds like a great idea. I, for one, am glad to see this year go. 2011 has to be a better year.
    Happy New Year, Ewa.

    Always Growing

    Ewa said...

    Fer, Carole, Anna, Jan, thank you so much for visiting!
    Happy New Year !!