November 8, 2011

12 most beautiful wooden porch ideas

Porches, verandas, terraces... I look for inspiration, because my own wooden porch is coming closer and closer to me (my house misses one - what a shame!).

I have already made half of the design and now there is a crucial moment of deciding the second half. Making something most simple, might be not necessary something making me happy... and at the end there might be not big difference in price as well.

While looking for ideas, I have collected large amount of beautiful pics and decided to share 12 most beautiful of them. From different countries, made of different wood, each in different style. Looking at each photo of these collection " 12 most beautiful wooden porch ideas" I see elements I'd love to see on my future porch.
Another question is what wood to use for decking? Pine? which means softwood or more hardwood, local wood or exotix? maybe ipe decking? ... thinking...   

I wonder what is your favourite?

If you see pphoto you like, there is a link to author's gallery for more pleasure :)

Happy outdoor living!

 Photo courtesy of Author Madsofa

  Photo courtesy of Author Miss Tessmacher

 Photo courtesy of Author MemaNH

 Photo courtesy of Author Tobym

 Photo courtesy of Author Professor Bob

 Photo courtesy of Author Emma T

 Photo courtesy of Author Patwalsh 2000

 Photo courtesy of Author Grant Mac Donald

 Photo courtesy of Author InAweOfGod'sCreation

 Photo courtesy of Author Joel Kluger

 Photo courtesy of Author Anantara Journeys

Photo courtesy of Author Universal Pops

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peggy said...

I love them all!

Darla said...

My goodness you have some great inspiration here!

Dewi said...

Beautiful. It's my husband dream to have a house with big and long porch. One day perhaps.

Chimeneas said...

They're all lovely! As I scrolled down, I kept thinking, ooh i like that one, oh wait, that ones nice too, oh wait, that's better!

So hard to choose! Though I think in the end I liked the last one the most. Look forward to seeing your final design!

Ewa said...

Chimeneas, this is exactly something happening to me right now - jumping from one to another.... and I have another pile to look at...