July 31, 2013

Designer fountain made me remember that you may go for jail for storing water in your property

This pretty designer fountain or rather water feature, brought to my mind today two things.  

One that in some American states you may go to jail for storing water in your own property. I had no idea about it before, if you also, then read the story of Gary Harrington, who was storing rain water in his property. 

Second thing that came to my mind is the reconsideration of the look of my own water garden.

Are you - like me - the fan of water in the garden?

When for the first time I thought about my very first own garden, I realized that it will not be complete without some kind of “serious” water feature.  
I will spare you the initial idea of changing entire plot to a pond with bridges thrown over, just to be able  to walk around. The house surrounded with water - at that time the idea seemed to be really splendid. As you may guess not so much today.

Finally I’ve ended up with the pond of 1,6 m deep and 25 sqm – big enough to get the ecosystem able to keep and sustain balance. And minimum maintenance. Let’s be honest. In real life and in real garden there is nothing existing like complete self maintenance – there is always some work required, but the amount of work can make the real difference if you sum up all working hours in a week or month. One hour a week vs 10 hours a week – if you think about it.

After 9 years of struggle of different kinds (grass carp, algaevicious attacks, need for seasonal cleaning) the ecosystem almost got balanced, but there is something missing. And need to figure it out. Will let you know, so stay tuned.

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