July 30, 2013

Rusted steel design

We all divide in two groups: one accepts only shiny stuff in the garden and at home – if you are one of them, today’s post is definitely not for you, so may skip it this time and go on to the next page. The second group loves old stuff at home and in the garden, covered with patina and rust - if you are part of this group, welcome here today.

More and more at different garden shows that I am attending, I can see this trend getting popular. Rusted steel finish as different parts of designs. Rust is nice finish for garden art, garden sculptures and more.

Steel will rust anyway all by itself with the time if it’s exposed to little moisture, but there are methods to do really fast. Just google “how to rusted steel” and you will get the instructions. I am talking about really fast rusting methods – like in amazing just one hour. 
From what I know, there are available commercial patina solutions for rusted steel, but you can do it cheaper buying needed ingredients in the store. I found very useful instruction here. 

On the photos you can see that color of planting is complementing the rusted color. It looks pleasing, on the other hand little boring and static. But that’s easy to fix – you exchange some heucheras with neighbors or friends and it’s done, right?

Do you like rusted steel in the garden?


Jessie Bryant said...

This is so interesting. I never thought rusty steel can also be part of a beautiful garden. That's a bizarre art but I like it. :-)

Robin Horton / Urban Gardens said...

I absolutely LOVE the look of Corten steel planters, edging, anything really made of this weathered steel. Looks great in almost any setting--your pics are really nice.

Ewa said...

Robin, thanks for commenting. I also like it :)