August 8, 2013

9 photos of easy Prairie Garden

Interest in prairies grows, since many of us realize the beauty of native grasses and wildflowers. Charm comes from coneflowers, prairie phlox, false indigo and orchids and many more wildflowers typical for prairies. This is what prompts many to create prairie gardens. Not only people find prairie gardens attractive: birds, butterflies and other native wildlife is good company and extra treat we get from prairie garden.

With the time prairie gardens take less time and expense to maintain than lawns. Not mentioning less use of pesticides, fertilizers and our precious time for mowing.

Even if prairies are not native to all regions, you can create it most areas. Good part of it is that prairie plants tolerate wide range of soil types.  

Some suggestions if you decide to go on your own with creating prairie garden:
1.      If you decide to create a prairie garden you need to start from planning. You need a plan, even if you will put it aside later, you will still need it from time to time as a guide.
2.      Collect the wildflower seeds. From nurseries or by your own from natural sites.
3.      If you decide to collect seeds from natural sites, you need to observe some rules.
4.      Don’t take all the seeds, leave some for natural seeding – you are guest there, remember?
5.      Always ask for permission if you seek seeds from private property.  
6.      Always ask for permission at your friends garden.
7.      Don’t go for endangered species that are under protection.
8.      Store the seeds in paper bags – they will protect the seeds from getting moldy.
9.      Wildflower seeds require dry stratification – which is storing them in winter temperature (unheated shed, garage, refrigerator or freezer will be perfect).

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Stacy Tuttle said...

Love this style of planting- also love the seat made of timber- very natural.